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Episode 1

Are the side effects of chemotherapy more readily accepted because cancer is life threatening? - Dr Maryam Lustberg & Dr Corina van den Hurk

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About the #CTFOC Podcast

Chemotherapy is a powerful cancer treatment, but its side effects have a real impact on a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing – so how is oncology care tackling these debilitating effects?

Our host Richard Paxman sits down with renowned oncologists, clinical researchers and medical thought leaders, to discuss the development and practice of side effect management, such as scalp cooling, and challenging healthcare preconceptions.

This podcast will investigate how cancer treatment pathways can focus on patient-centric care, the barriers faced, and the steps the global oncology space are taking to integrate cryotherapy to improve quality of care for patients.
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About the
#CTFOC Podcast
Changing the Face of Cancer will bring together voices within the field of oncology to support and inform our shared mission: the best possible care for patients with cancer. The Podcast presents a new level of insight and awareness on holistic cancer care, through conversations with today’s leading oncologists and healthcare thought leaders in their fields of expertise.

Through discussions on scalp cooling with anthracyclines, cryocompression solutions for mitigating CIPN, and Oncodermatology – hear the biggest names in oncology debate how to revolutionize global cancer care.
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