The Paxman Scalp Cooling System

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System provides the leading scalp-cooling technology for preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia


The system consists of a compact refrigeration unit, containing a coolant that is circulated through specially designed cooling caps.


  • Available in 2 models to allow either 1 patient to be treated or 2 patients to be independently treated at the same time
  • Small, compact size, which is easily manoeuvred (Height 25.2”/64cm (inc. extended support arm 64.9”/165cm) x Width 12.6”/32cm x Depth 16.5”/42cm)
  • Easy-to-read, touch-screen visual display with system-status graphics
  • One-touch switch operation for simple ease of use
  • Scientifically developed, low-temperature, non-viscous coolant with ultra-efficient heat transfer properties
  • Visual and audible information signals for restricted and no-flow coolant conditions
  • Pay-for-use tokens available in some countries

The Paxman Cooling Caps

The lightweight cold cap is manufactured from medical-grade, soft-silicone material designed to provide a close fit around the patient’s head.


  • After extensive anthropometric research regarding head shapes, 6 different cap sizes were developed to best meet the needs of all patients
  • Coolant passes through the cap to extract heat from the patient’s scalp
  • Instant cooling capability once connected to the system to allow for immediate use
  • Temperature sensors ensure the cap maintains an even and consistent temperature at the scalp
  • Neoprene cover insulates and protects from high room temperatures, whilst absorbing condensation
  • Bungee-cord adjustments ensure a close fit to the patient’s scalp
  • Attached to the Scalp Cooling System with quick-release, non-drip plastic couplings
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