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Scalp Cooling

We are global leaders in scalp cooling and cryotherapy, on an ambitious journey to change the face of cancer

Together, we can make a difference

We have been pioneering scalp cooling technology to help prevent chemotherapy-induced alopecia worldwide for over 20 years.

Having carried out extensive trials and product development within the cryotherapy field, we have created a cold cap system that is clinically proven and widely embraced by clinicians and patients alike. We are committed to improving the efficacy of scalp cooling for patients globally.

Why scalp cooling?

Paxman as a company was born out of a husband’s desire to prevent his wife from suffering through the trauma of chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Our founder and chairman Glenn Paxman used his knowledge and expertise in the refrigeration industry to pioneer a scalp cooling system that enables people going through chemotherapy treatment to maintain their hair.

The family mentality of caring and supporting those going through what can be traumatic treatment side effects is maintained to this day and has become a core value as Paxman continues to grow. We understand how important consistency, privacy and control are to a patient facing cancer.

To find out more about the Paxman family and their experience, view our story on coldcap.com

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