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US Scalp Cooling Access & Support

Paxman have been pioneers in scalp cooling technology for more than 20 years. We are proud to be the leading global experts in scalp cooling, with the Paxman Scalp Cooling System being globally recognised as the leading product for hair-loss prevention during chemotherapy treatment.

Paxman Scalp Cooling is available throughout the United States. For system locations, please visit our Global Systems Locations Index.

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For frequently asked questions, access to resources and contact details for our US scalp cooling representatives, please navigate using the options below:

Scalp Cooling Reimbursement

Insurance reimbursement is now available for scalp cooling through the Paxman Buy & Bill model, which allows facilities to bill insurance providing greater access to scalp cooling for their patients.

We are here to help with reimbursement support to ensure the best outcome for you and your patients.

Visit our Scalp Cooling Reimbursement page for more information.



How much does Paxman Scalp Cooling cost?
If your practice is engaged in the new business model contract with Paxman, you will purchase caps from our distributor and bill patient insurance for the cap fitting (CPT code 0662T) and each cooling treatment (CPT code 0663T). The cost of the cap is covered by the payment rate set for code 0662T, and the cooling treatment fee is bundled into one of the infusion codes such as 96409, 96411, 96413, 96415, 96416 or 96417.

If your site is offering our traditional self-pay business model, the cost is based on the number of treatments the patient receives. From April 1st, 2023, treatment 1 (including the personal cap kit) is $350, treatments 2 through 4 are $350 each, treatments 5 through 6 are $200 each, and treatments 7 through 12 are $100. Pricing is capped at $2400 – patients will pay no more than this, no matter how many cycles they receive.

Is there financial support available for patients?
Practices engaged in our new business model will have access to the Patient Assistance Program offered by Paxman.

There are also a number of foundations across the country that may be able to help patients cover at least some of the costs of scalp cooling. Each foundation has different criteria as to who they support, often based upon the Federal Poverty Level, though this is not always the case. Patient information on Financial Support and Foundation is available here.

Is there insurance coverage for scalp cooling?
Paxman is encouraging practices to engage in our new business model, which allows them to bill patient insurance. Otherwise, patients will need to pay for scalp cooling. They may attempt to get reimbursed from their insurance company as detailed here.

The Paxman Hub will assist with self-pay patients when a site is contracted with Paxman to bill a patient’s insurance company. If you would like to learn more about billing insurance, contact us or visit our Reimbursement page.

Implementing Scalp Cooling

We want a Paxman system at our site. How do we go about this?
Paxman will work with you to make this process as simple and effective as possible. Training is given to ensure the effective introduction of Paxman Scalp Cooling to patients by your clinical team, including providing education and support on usage of the system as well as facilitating cap sizing and supporting the patient through their scalp cooling experience. Please get in contact with us and we will work with you to provide scalp cooling technology at your site.

How will Paxman support my patients?
At Paxman we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient support - is there to help patients make an informed choice, guide them through their scalp cooling treatment and provide detailed support before, during and after their chemotherapy treatment. Knowing if cold capping is right for them is a decision only the patient can make. will lay out everything patients need to know about Paxman scalp cooling to enable them to make an informed decision, and support them through the process.

Resources include:

  • Tutorial videos on cap fitting and hair preparation before treatment
  • Our Decision Making Guide - indicating the likelihood of hair retention depending on their chemotherapy type and regimen
  • Haircare advice during cold capping to improve efficacy
  • Our patient pioneer stories

Does Paxman scalp cooling involve a lot of extra work for our nursing team?
We aim to empower the patient to take control of their own hair preparation and cap fitting for scalp cooling, ensuring that the burden on the HCP and nursing team is minimized. There is some additional work for your team, but this is kept to a minimum.

Practices engaged in our new business model are able to bill insurance for their nurse’s time at the initial cap fitting and each cooling session.

Is there any information on successfully integrating scalp cooling into practice?
Paxman will be there to provide all of the support and training required to efficiently implement scalp cooling, and help to maintain a high standard of care for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

We have also pulled together a list of key clinical considerations when implementing scalp cooling at a cancer center, based on workflows and clinical papers conducted on efficient scalp cooling practice.

Scalp Cooling Practice

Who is best placed in the team to introduce scalp cooling to the patient?
A patient’s oncologist is well placed to introduce scalp cooling, to discuss what hair retention rates could be anticipated based on their specific chemotherapy regimen, signpost to Paxman’s patient resources to aid informed decision making, and prescribe scalp cooling if they choose to go ahead. However, the most successful scalp cooling programs see buy in across oncology teams, with the full range of nursing teams, dermatologists, social workers and even surgeons taking the opportunity to talk about scalp cooling with patients.

The Paxman Hub

How does the Paxman Hub organize payment and delivery?

The practice will fax the enrollment form to the Paxman Hub. If the practice is engaged in our new business model, the Hub will do a benefits investigation and report the results to the practice. With our self-pay model, the Hub will reach out to the patient to talk through the next steps after receiving the enrollment form, or alternatively, the patient can get in touch with the Hub. The Paxman Hub offers full support on patient information, payer coverage, coding, and Patient Assistance Programs. The Paxman Hub is a call center with specially trained case managers who will work with the patient to discuss their situation. They will quickly create a patient account. The Hub specialists are there for the patient with information on scalp cooling and other relevant support. The Paxman Hub case managers are also there to assist HCPs, physicians, nurses, and all healthcare professionals with any questions they may have.

How will my patient receive their Paxman cap?

Under the new Paxman business model, centers will have Cap Kits in their inventory and will provide it to the patient after the benefits investigation is complete. With our Self Pay model, the Paxman Hub will dispatch the Cap Kit to the patient’s home prior to commencing their scalp cooling treatment. The Cap Kit contains the cap, the pay-per-use token, a hair care pack and other supplementary items to ensure a great patient experience.

How can patients and/or healthcare teams contact the Hub?

The Hub can be contacted via the following: Opening Times Per Time Zone: EST – 8am – 8pm CST – 7am – 7pm MST – 6am – 6pm PST – 5am – 5pm AKST – 4am – 4pm HAST – 3am – 3pm When the Hub is closed please contact HQ (Opening Times: Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm EST.)

2024 Hub closure dates:

* Martin Luther King Day: January 16th, 2024
* Memorial Day: May 29th, 2024
* Independence Day: July 4th, 2024
* Labor Day: September 4th, 2024
* Thanksgiving Day: November 23rd, 2024
* Christmas Day: December 25th, 2024

Site Support

How can I manage my patient’s expectations around potential hair retention on their specific chemotherapy regimen?

  • The Scalp Cooling Efficacy Calculator will provide specific information about a patient’s potential hair retention based on data from the Dutch Scalp Cooling Registry
  • The Dutch Registry is a source of data from over 7000 patients, the largest of its kind globally. The Efficacy Calculator uses this data to provide an accurate indication of the likelihood of hair retention for your patient.
  • It is important that this data is interpreted as an indication of what may be possible. The percentages calculated are an average, and your patient may see more or less hair retention. There are no guarantees, but an indication of potential outcome will help to manage your patient’s expectations.
  • The calculator will also provide pre and post cooling times for each regimen.
Efficacy Calculator

Are there resources available for my site on scalp cooling?
There are a wide range of printed resources available to order from Paxman – please view our Communications Literature Catalogue for more information and how to order.

Literature Catalogue

How do I communicate to my patients about scalp cooling?

After an initial discussion with your patient to introduce scalp cooling, please refer them to our website This online resource has been designed to help patients reach an informed choice about whether scalp cooling is right for them, then guide them through their treatment. There is also a range of patient literature available to order from our Communications Catalogue, including a patient handout, an introduction to scalp cooling leaflet, and information on foundations and financial support.

Can we get refresher training on use of the Paxman Scalp Cooling System?

Yes. Our US team is available to come back on site and answer questions, meet with all members of the care team, and provide additional training to new staff as well as refresher training for those needing to be re-familiarized with the fitting and treatment process.

I am keen for my patient to educate themselves so they can make an informed choice on scalp cooling. Is there a resource I can send them to?

Our website is there to help patients make an informed choice, and guide them through their scalp cooling treatment. Knowing if cold capping is right for them is a decision only the patient can make. will lay out everything patients need to know about Paxman scalp cooling to enable them to make an informed decision, and then go on to support them through the scalp cooling process.

Resources include:

Can I download the enrollment form?

Download the enrollment form here.

Enrollment Form
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