PAXMAN are delighted to launch the Sue Paxman fund in collaboration with US not for profit organisation HairToStay.

The Sue Paxman fund allows mothers living on ultra-low incomes with their children, to access PAXMAN scalp cooling completely free of charge.

The Sue Paxman Fund for Mothers’ will give two women every month free scalp cooling treatment to retain a degree of control and help them keep their hair during chemotherapy.

To be eligible, mothers must have children living at home, have a household income of up to two times the Federal Poverty Level and use the PAXMAN Scalp Cooler during their chemotherapy treatment.

The project is being run in conjunction with HairToStay and has been set up to honor the memory of Sue Paxman – the legacy behind the PAXMAN Scalp Cooler. With this fund, these women will no longer need to worry about scalp cooling costs.

During her treatment for breast cancer, Sue’s curly hair fell out in clumps, which was the most traumatic part of her treatment. At just 14 years old, Sue’s daughter Claire cut off her Mum’s hair - an experience that was distressing for the whole family.

Sue’s husband Glenn and brother-in-law Neil worked tirelessly for many years to develop a scalp cooler that would stop men and women from losing their hair during chemotherapy. Mrs. Paxman died in 2000 but through the PAXMAN Scalp Cooling system, her legacy lives on.

Sue’s son Richard Paxman, CEO of PAXMAN said: “The Sue Paxman Fund for Mothers” will ensure that mothers who cannot afford scalp cooling can still access this important treatment. Our whole family knows from personal experience how much of a difference saving her hair made to Sue. This is something that is so important to us and is our way of giving something back this Thanksgiving and beyond. We are regularly contacted by mothers who say losing their hair is traumatic not only to them but their children, and wider family, as it makes them look and feel ill. Scalp cooling offers normalcy and strength to the whole family. We are thrilled to launch the fund in Mum’s honor”.