Jessica Barnett, a resilient cancer patient from Tennessee, recently spoke about her remarkable cancer journey with ABC’s News Channel 9 in Chattanooga for National Cancer Prevention Month. Now in remission, Jessica opened up about her experience with the Paxman Scalp Cooling System and its significant role in her treatment. 

Jessica started her chemotherapy in April of 2022 following a Stage 3 HER2-positive breast cancer diagnosis. Despite the challenges she endured, she managed to keep a large percentage of her hair throughout because of scalp cooling.  

Jessica discovered scalp cooling with Paxman after hearing about it from her oncology nurse, highlighting the vital importance of healthcare professionals being informed about scalp cooling options. 

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to scalp cool. For Jessica, the decision to opt for scalp cooling wasn’t just about preserving her hair – it was about maintaining a tangible link to her pre-diagnosis self throughout her journey.  

“I was able to just to keep a part of myself during all of the changes, intimidation and fear.” 

In her interview, Jessica explains the scalp cooling process, acknowledging the valuable video resources on and the helpful support from her cancer centre. She emphasised the significance of self-advocacy and seeking support from others on a similar journey, which Jessica was able to do through the Paxman Facebook Group. She was also grateful for her caregivers for playing a pivotal role in supporting her, bolstering her spirits and helping her remain positive.   

Jessica’s story illustrates the profound impact of scalp cooling in empowering cancer patients to reclaim a sense of normality during a challenging and tumultuous period of their lives.  

Watch the full interview on News Channel 9.