As chemotherapy side effect management becomes a priority within the oncology field, research into treatments such as scalp cooling and cryocompression for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy has become a necessity. The Library has been developed as a way of increasing access to information on scalp cooling as a whole, providing global research, and improving the knowledge base of global cancer care providers.

The Scalp Cooling Study Library explores the latest in scalp cooling clinical data, randomized controlled trials, multi-center studies, and scientific research and hosts over 60 scalp cooling and cryocompression research studies so far.

Papers can be filtered using several dimensions: drug regimen, assessment method, chemotherapy side effects studied, hair regrowth, quality of life, drug sequencing, etc.

The Efficacy Calculator uses data from the Dutch Scalp Cooling Data Registry to provide potential hair retention outcomes based on drug regimen and dose, along with providing pre- and post-scalp cooling times for that specific drug regimen.