Richard Paxman, CEO of Paxman, will be a keynote speaker at the BritishAmerican Business SME Forum being held in partnership with Delta/Virgin.

Paxman was recently awarded the BritishAmerican Business TransAtlantic Growth (TAG) Award Small Gold Export Award for its US success. Within just one year, the company’s scalp coolers are now offered at every top five ranked cancer center across the US.  Having built successful infrastructure including the logistics, warehousing, call centers, technical services and pharmacies to drive their business throughout all states in the US, Paxman is seen as a remarkable case study of transatlantic growth.

The lively discussion will be moderated by Alex Chisnall, Business Advisor, Virgin Startup. Alex has a successful track record of advising entrepreneurs and small business owners on funding and scaling their businesses.

BritishAmerican Business is an exclusive members’ organisation that creates networking opportunities, which often lead to business opportunities. As a policy and advocacy organisation, they are the voice of transatlantic business; supporting policies and action that will protect and enhance the environment for trade and investment between the US and UK.