Paxman Scalp Cooling were proud to exhibit at MASCC Annual Conference. Each year, MASCC joins forces with the International Society for Oral Oncology (ISOO) to host the preeminent international meeting on supportive care in cancer. This multinational and interdisciplinary meeting brings together professionals and trainees from diverse fields to engage, collaborate and learn.

In collaboration with Dignitana, Paxman proudly co-sponsored the "Meet the Experts: Scalp Cooling and Cryotherapy” session at MASCC. The session delved into the latest breakthroughs aimed at combating chemotherapy-induced alopecia and peripheral neuropathy. Renowned CIPN expert, Dr. Raghav Sundar, revealed insights on the upcoming SWOG clinical trial, showcasing the novel Paxman Limb Cryocompression System. Also during the session, Dr. Stephanie Graff presented findings on accelerated hair regrowth with scalp cooling, and Dr. Hope Rugo gave a comprehensive overview of scalp cooling's safety and effectiveness data.

We were also proud to see various posters presented on scalp cooling and cryocompression studies from across the globe, including:

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