Cancer patients in the Avignon region can now choose Paxman scalp cooling as a treatment option at the Onco-Haematology department at Centre Hospitalier d’Avignon – Hôpital Henri Duffaut.  The Centre is the only centre in the South of France to adopt Paxman Scalp Cooling technology to date and marks a significant milestone for the British company as the 100th installation in the country.  France was of the very first export markets that Paxman embraced thanks to the close cross-channel links and the fact that France was an early adopter of scalp cooling treatment for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

Charlotte Fraser, Head of French-speaking Markets at Paxman, said, “We are delighted that people accessing cancer treatment within the Service Onco-hématologie at the Centre Hospitalier d’Avignon – Hôpital Henri Duffaut now also have the option of scalp cooling.  Paxman know how much it means to patients to have the option to keep their hair during what is often one of the most difficult times of their lives.”

The installation of this recent order of a PSCS2 model system, which treats two patients simultaneously, will offer people undergoing chemotherapy treatment in the Vaucluse region access to scalp cooling, an additional treatment option offered by the Centre and key to their holistic approach to side-effect management and wellbeing for all cancer chemotherapy patients.

“Am I going to lose my hair?” Is inevitably one of the first questions posed by a patient when chemotherapy is prescribed, as evidenced by Dr. Crescent Cossou, gynaecology and breast oncologist at the Avignon hospital, where he has practiced for three years. His department currently has around 100 patients.

“The cancer diagnosis itself is already a trauma. Add to this the additional side effects such as fatigue and aesthetic issues such as wrinkles and then the associated hair loss is yet another trauma, especially for women who experience it as a loss of femininity.  I have had patients who have refused chemotherapy because of hair loss,” explains the doctor.