"All of us have gaps in how we deliver patient centric care, but having it on our radar and striving to do better with each exchange, I think that's an important goal and will only improve care."

Dr Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH - Chief of Breast Medical Oncology

The platform hosts a series of seminars and debates within the chemotherapy side-effect sector, across the mediums of video, podcasts, and print. The ultimate aim of the platforms is to facilitate a space where oncologists, nurses, and researchers alike, can either watch, read, or listen to the pivotal discussions between oncology thought leaders, including:

  • Dr Stephanie Graff and Dr Charles Loprinzi on: Development of the Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Cryocompression Device
  • Dr Maryam Lustberg and Dr Manpreet Kohli on: Patient-Centered Care – Beyond the Buzzword
  • Leading oncodermatologist Dr Mario Lacouture on: Preparing Patients and Managing Expectations for Scalp Cooling
  • Maimah Karmo from TigerLily Foundation, and Dr Beth McLellan on: Chemotherapy Side Effect Management for Patients of Color
  • Dr Julie Nangia and Dr Takayuki Kinoshita on: Scalp Cooling with Anthracyclines – Breaking Away from ‘Taxanes Only’

For those interested in topics that inspire and empower clinicians to innovate their approaches to patient-centered cancer care and symptom management, discussed by industry experts from around the world, simply sign up at www.scalpcoolingsummit.com

What else is featured on the Scalp Cooling Summit platform?

The Summit Whitepapers
The Summit team have pulled together the pivotal discussion points from each conversation and collated a series of whitepapers on the key observations, points of conflict, and best practice suggestions from the Scalp Cooling Summit.
Clinicians can download, mark up, and visit the additional reading suggestions to continue their exploration and research on some of the most recent findings in the side-effect management space.

The Changing the Face of Cancer Podcast
For those who prefer to listen to industry discussions, the Changing the Face of Cancer podcast is hosting all of the Summit discussions on the platform, allowing clinicians to listen wherever they are!

If you’re an oncology medical professional or researcher, and would like to get involved or host your own discussion with your peers on a pressing topic within the side-effect management sector – the Summit team would love to know!

Any questions, queries, or proposals – simply email our team via info@scalpcoolingsummit.com