28th October 2022

AFSOS has recently updated its supportive oncology care guidelines for Alopecia and Cancer. The updated guidelines include the recommendation of scalp cooling for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA) in France. The adoption of this recommendation by AFSOS follows the inclusion of scalp cooling in several Clinical Practice Guidelines that effectively determine standards of care around the world.

AFSOS prompted multiple discussions with healthcare professionals around the implementation of supportive cancer care internationally. Key discussions around ‘Pain and Palliative Care’ elicited conversations around scalp cooling by focusing on the importance of side-effect management in improving a patient’s quality of life during their treatment and beyond.

This event gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise on scalp cooling, and we are grateful to AFSOS for recognizing scalp cooling as an effective preventive solution against chemotherapy-induced alopecia.


The purpose of the association is to promote knowledge and the implementation of supportive oncological care. AFSOS aims to accumulate knowledge, research, training, and protocols between the French-speaking cancer community and the various Oncological Support Care stakeholders.

Read more about AFSOS and its supportive oncology care guidelines here.