In February, HairToStay released its Annual Impact Report for 2023, sharing some impressive and significant statistics in relation to scalp cooling in the United States. HairToStay is the only national nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping low-income cancer patients afford scalp cooling across the United States.  

Paxman is encouraging practices to engage in our new business model, which allows them to bill patient insurance. Otherwise, patients will need to pay for scalp cooling - an out-of-pocket expense that many patients may find unaffordable. This financial burden can often result in a patient deciding not to scalp cool. 

By the end of last year, HairToStay had awarded over 5,000 subsidies in total, with 24% of these in 2023 alone. The organisation committed almost $1.1 million to recipients last year and continues to receive increased funds year-on-year, changing the lives of so many people.  

HairToStay reports that in the United States, automated scalp cooling machines, that were only available in just 5 health care provider sites in 2016, are now accessible in approximately 800 locations  – a phenomenal increase in just 7 years and a giant leap for scalp cooling in the US.  

Paxman are incredibly grateful for  HairToStay’s tireless work to increase access to scalp cooling to enable as many people as possible to manage the debilitating side-effect of chemotherapy-induced hair loss, who would have otherwise not had the choice to preserve and protect their hair. We’re looking forward to seeing new milestones met by the organisation in 2024 as we work together to make scalp cooling accessible for all.  

You can read the full report from HairToStay here.