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In February 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in my right breast. My treatment included a lumpectomy, four rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation which took place at UC San Diego Health - Cancer Services, Encinitas from July to September 2017.

I had originally heard about cooling caps in my support group however, the woman who told me about it had used a system developed by a different company. Sadly, she had spent $6,000 and still lost most of their hair. At this point I had decided against the treatment has $6k was completely out of my price range. It was then my oncologist, Dr Schwab, told me about Paxman.

Although Paxman was much more affordable I had recently started my own private practice in Marriage and Family Therapy and my business wasn’t growing fast enough to supplement chemotherapy, radiation and scalp cooling. So, a friend of mine for over 20 years Melody Hackney, created a crowd funding page ‘Go Fund Me’ to help pay for my treatment. Amazingly friends and family started to donate a few dollars and soon we had raised enough to pay for my treatment. It was absolutely amazing, and I was blown away with the support from everyone around me.

My experience was the same throughout. The cap was cold at first but then the discomfort subsided. I was very impressed that the CEO of Paxman, Richard, emailed me back directly and almost immediately the very first time I reached out to get more information. It was such a personal touch. Rebecca Chau from the company has also been amazing and we are now friends.

I was told I would lose my hair after the second round of chemo however, I lost the majority of my hair 2 weeks after my first round. I was in complete shock. Post treatment I believe I only had about 20% of my hair left so I had to wear something on my head at all times. Then 2 months after my chemo ended things started to change and my hair began to grow back fast.

I have had a hair stylist who has worked with lots of woman after they have had chemotherapy and she has never seen this much hair grow back so fast. I am not sure if the cooling cap helped my hair grow back faster, healthier, or if protects the follicle but I do believe it gives you a head start on the regrowth process.

I was very happy with the entire process and would definitely recommend Paxman to anyone going through chemotherapy. Both Richard and Rebecca have been right there with me all along the way even when I was ready to give up on the cap. The price point is affordable and everyone with Paxman have been very nice and helpful. My top tip would be to expect that the amount of hair loss will be more than just thinning and your hair wont grow back until a few months after chemo ends.

Valerie Murphy
Valerie Murphy
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