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My name is Peter and I am 70 years of age and live in Great Yarmouth. I am now retired but spent most of my working life on the road as an HGV Driver.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in August 2017, I started with Hormone replacements almost straight away to bring down my PSA levels, which at the start were 379, but just after a month later this figure had come down to 30 and a couple of weeks later this figure dropped even lower to 16. My Consultant was then happy for me to start Chemotherapy treatment as the cancer had spread to my lung, kidney and my bones. I started treatment at the end of November the same year, I had this every 3 weeks for 6 months.

I decided after it was explained to me about the cold cap to go ahead and try it as I have a full head of thick hair. After the 6 month period I still have a thick head of hair so I am really happy that I decided to try it out. Although I must admit, the first time I had the cap on it felt really strange, but once I got used to the cold sensation I didn't find it uncomfortable at all really. I did lose a few strands of hair but this wasn't noticeable. I do have a moustache and this did thin out significantly and I didn't have to shave as much, so this did prove to me that without the cap I would definitely have lost my hair. This made my decision for me, that I would always wear the cold cap for any future Chemo treatments.

I think I need to also mention that before I started having the cap on my head I suffered from very bad psoriasis on my scalp, but after the treatment I noticed that this has now gone, which I am really pleased about.

Although my cancer went into remission it has now returned so I am now back having chemo treatment. The picture I am attaching is me as I am now after 3 weeks of having treatment weekly.

I would definitely recommend the cold cap to other sufferers and would tell them to persevere through the first 10 minutes, as after this time it does feel more manageable. I understand after seeing the new machine that this feeling would be a more alleviated somewhat, so I myself can't wait to try the new one to see if this is the case.

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