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Here goes nothing! I was diagnosed on May 26th 2015 with Stage 2B breast cancer. I had a golf-sized tumor in my right breast and one of my lymph nodes showed cancer cells in it.

I was told that I would undergo a double mastectomy (because I am a BRCA2 gene carrier) and that I could freeze my eggs because, at the time, I was only 30 and I am yet to have had children. They explained I would have to have six rounds of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation.

The thought of losing my hair was absolutely devastating. For those who know me well, they know that I would rather lose both breasts and a foot before I lose my hair! (Vain maybe, but my hair has always been my ‘thing’).

I started chemotherapy in early August and finished in late November. The chemotherapy cocktail for my cancer would, without a doubt, make me lose my hair. My oncologist was very clear about this, so I tried to come to terms with this information. About two weeks before my first chemotherapy treatment, I was researching about hair loss and getting prepared when I came across Cold Comfort Canada online. After sending the link to my mom and best friend, they both called immediately to find out more about scalp cooling and the cold cap.

Linda Minuk (of Cold Comfort Canada) and I were in touch the next day and we made plans for her to fly down with the machine to show me the ropes. She was so helpful and very informative. Linda told me that the results vary but I was willing to take that chance. I’M SO HAPPY I DID! I did lose some hair but I still had a full head and never had to wear a wig or hat. No one, but the people I had chosen to tell, knew that I was going through chemotherapy.

I would highly recommend scalp cooling for anyone dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. The cold cap saved my self-esteem. My advice to anyone using the cold cap would be to make sure you have a good cap fit and that it covers all of your hair. I had heavy shedding about every three weeks but again, I still had a full head of hair.

We need to spread awareness about scalp cooling! It completely changes the way chemotherapy affects individuals and their confidence. Thank you Cold Comfort Canada, Linda Minuk and Paxman for everything!!

Kathryn Mac Isaac, Canada.

Kathryn Mac Isaac, Canada
Kathryn Mac Isaac, Canada
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