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Hi Team

After reading the article in Examiner on Wednesday 27 January 2016, I thought it was time to add my thanks to your "chilly" system. I used the cold cap from June to September/October 2009.

Whatever a woman's hair type, be it thin/thick, straight/curly, it is your crowning glory. My hair type happens to be very thick and strong, thus in my opinion aided the keeping of some of my hair during treatment. I also believe it depends upon the "potions" which are given to each individual patient, as to whether the cold cap works completely or not.

Some of my hair did fall out and thin but it didn't all go, unlike the eyelashes and eyebrows!

I did feel it was worth taking the extra time to use the cap, which I did at every chemo visit.

My hair started coming back November/December and my hairdresser kept it trimmed to aid recovery. It came back very curly, still grey (who cares - it came back).

Thank you for your cold cap invention it gave me my dignity back during this very trying time.

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JE, Shepley, Huddersfield
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