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Patient Journeys

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System is used all over the world to help prevent hair loss for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We are always keen to hear the stories of the people we meet and speak to every day, offering our support and listening to the ways we can continually improve.

There have been many successful outcomes for people using the Paxman system – see what patients and healthcare professionals have to say about their experience of scalp cooling below.


I was a 68 year old retired college professor enjoying my free time and grandchildren in September of 2017 when I had abdominal pain that couldn’t be identified. After a week of hospital tests and then exploratory surgery which turned into a full hysterectomy and debulking, my condition was identified as stage 4b Uterine Papillary Serous Cancer. My life took a horrific turn.

The only approved treatment was carboplaten and taxol chemo which I began in Nov 2017. I was in and out of the hospital during several of the treatments and painfully lost all my hair. They thought...

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My name is Michelle, I’m 41 years old. I live in Massachusetts, USA and I’m a retired kindergarten teacher. I was diagnosed on October 26, 2015 with Stage IV terminal breast cancer at the age of 38. The breast cancer was in my right breast and had metastasized to my right lung, liver and bones. I have no family history of breast cancer in my family so this was definitely a shock. I have been married to a great guy named Matt for 11 years and we have an awesome son Charlie who is 8 years old. I was a kindergarten...

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My lovely (sarcastic) cancer journey began in October 2017 when I was at my gynecologist office for my annual visit. My gynecologist was the one to first feel the lump. A few days later it was a confirmed diagnosis of Invasive Ducati Carcinoma, HR+ HER2+. My surgery was at the end of October and I began chemo December 1st, 2018. About two week before I began chemo I was doing my usual quick-scrolling of Facebook when I saw an old colleague of mine had been through breast cancer treatments and she remarkably still had her hair when...

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My name is Karen & I live in Broadway, Worcestershire. I am the mother of 3 children – a daughter aged 20 & twin boys aged 16. I have been self-employed for the past 6 years & I work from home selling Global Military Surplus items. A bizarre line of work I know but it’s absolutely fascinating.

Working from home fits in perfectly with my family. I am able to support my boys at sporting events, provide a full-time taxi service & be there at the end of the school day to hear all about their...

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My name is Peter and I am 70 years of age and live in Great Yarmouth. I am now retired but spent most of my working life on the road as an HGV Driver. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in August 2017, I started with Hormone replacements almost straight away to bring down my PSA levels, which at the start were 379, but just after a month later this figure had come down to 30 and a couple of weeks later this figure dropped even lower to 16. My Consultant was then happy for me to start Chemotherapy treatment as...

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was a busy 34-year-old wife and mother to 3 young children aged 15 months, 3 and 7 years old. I was a pediatric nurse at an acute care facility and loved my family, job and life. Shortly after finishing breastfeeding my daughter in November 2017, I slipped over my right chest and felt immediately that something didn’t feel right. I wanted to run to the emergency room and check it out, but as it was the weekend, I went to work and worked two 12-hour shifts instead. On Monday I got it...

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Hi, my name is Linda. I am 54 years old and live in the Boston area and I own a Staging and Design company. I am originally from Maine and moved to the suburbs of Boston 30 years ago. I am a wife and a mother of 3 great kids. I was diagnosed Memorial Day weekend of 2018, with HER2+ Breast Cancer. My treatment was Taxol for 12 weeks, Radiation for 30 treatments, and Herceptin for 1 year. For me losing my hair was not an option, I didn’t want my mother who is 88 see another daughter go through cancer...

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After a relaxing week away in Cape Cod with both of our families, my fiancé, Patrick, and I came home to take our engagement pictures. My skin was darker, my hair blonder and salt water does wonders to my sensitive skin. I felt and looked my best which is why I was not even a little concerned when I found a lump on my left breast later that week. Patrick and I welcomed our crazy, red head, Alexa the previous winter and after months of breastfeeding I was used to my breasts feeling different. Still, I went to get it checked...

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Karen Clark

I was absolutely devastated when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as your leaflet says, just as devastated at the thought of losing my hair. I was 57 with 16-inch-long blond hair. I was told they were going to have to give me chemotherapy first, which was a shock, and that I would lose my hair. (I now realise it was to shrink the tumour first before operating but I was not told this at the time). I broke down with shock and had to be put in a quiet room to recover. A week later I had an appointment...

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Louise Macleod

I was diagnosed in December 2017, just before Christmas and just before we got snowed in for a week! I found a small, hard lump in my left breast. I was active, healthy and only 37. There is no recent history of breast cancer in my family (although my great grandmother sadly died as a result of breast cancer), so there was no way the small, hard lump could be cancer. I have a pretty horrific recent track record with doctors and hospitals, so I was in no hurry to head to see my GP. I was scared to see...

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After waiting on pins and needles for several days, the biopsy results did not return in my favor. I was simply stunned at what Dr. Ann was telling me. In a nutshell, that is how my journey started. I realize my journey is different than the other people’s.

Standing in my dining room the first Friday of November, I had no idea what my next step would or should be. Thankfully, Dr. Ann had already gathered information on the surgeon and the oncologist that I would soon trust with my life. On my birthday in December, I had my surgery. The...

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Sharen Healey

My name is Sharen and I want to talk about my experience using the Paxman cold cap. I was diagnosed with stage 1 Her2 positive breast cancer in February 2018 after my annual mammogram. Everything moved pretty fast after that. I had a lumpectomy on February 15th and after healing for a few weeks I needed to start chemo therapy and Herceptin. As any woman would be, I was concerned about hair loss. I knew I was sick, but I didn’t want to look sick. Not only because of returning back to work, but because I am a vocalist and...

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Sarah Meriweather

On the 5th November, I got engaged to the greatest man on earth - well at least to me. It was the happiest time of my life, but little did I know that a month later my happiness would turn into fear and my world would be turned upside down. Every year my fiancé Curt and I, both get the flu shot. This year, something was different with the shot. My lymph nodes in my neck swelled up and I had a lot of pressure on my neck. I decided to go to the doctor because it wasn’t getting any...

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Valerie Murphy

In February 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in my right breast. My treatment included a lumpectomy, four rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation which took place at UC San Diego Health - Cancer Services, Encinitas from July to September 2017. I had originally heard about cooling caps in my support group however, the woman who told me about it had used a system developed by a different company. Sadly, she had spent $6,000 and still lost most of their hair. At this point I had decided against the treatment has $6k was completely...

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Kerry Muscat

Hi, my name’s Kerry, here’s my story. My diagnosis came 3 days before my twin daughters 18th birthday in 2016. Not the present I had been hoping to give them I must say. I had noticed a weird lump under my arm so had it checked out thinking it was going to be some kind of cyst type thing. How wrong I was. I was 45 at the time of diagnosis and the biopsy had come back as “highly suspicious for metastatic breast cancer”. I had a long month of appointments and scans chasing around to find the breast lump...

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Amber Pena

My name is Amber. I felt a lump on my breast last summer and went to my gynaecologist who referred me for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. It was during the mammogram that they found a suspicious area and recommended biopsies. A few days later I received my initial diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer. Shortly after, I had my initial surgery (lumpectomy with lymph node dissection), but I didn’t receive clear margins and it showed 1 out of 5 of my lymph nodes were positive for cancer. My prognosis was then bumped into stage 2. After my second...

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