In a recent podcast hosted by Gavin Howarth of Howarth's, a prominent HR agency, our Brand Ambassador and Director of Training, Claire Paxman, spoke passionately about the journey of the company so far. The podcast not only introduces the Paxman family and the foundation of the business but also explains the science behind scalp cooling, our growth trajectory, and future endeavours. 

One of the highlights of the podcast was Claire’s touching anecdotes and fond memories of her mother, Sue Paxman, the original Paxman pioneer. Her mother’s cancer journey is the motivation behind Paxman's mission to make scalp cooling available to everyone who wishes to do so and has left a legacy that continues to inspire us all. 

Throughout the conversation with Gavin, Claire eloquently spoke about the evolution of Paxman, from its very first system to the company’s status as a global leader in scalp cooling technology and chemotherapy side effect management. She emphasised our unwavering commitment to democratising access to this life-changing treatment, with a particular focus on how we are expanding our presence in the United States. 

Claire also touched upon our partnerships and ongoing research initiatives, particularly with the University of Huddersfield and The National University of Singapore, which have been instrumental in advancing the efficacy of our scalp cooling systems and enhancing patient care. 

The podcast touches on some of the science behind scalp cooling, elucidating the biological mechanisms in simpler terms, that make it such a transformative treatment option for cancer patients. By mitigating chemotherapy-induced hair loss, scalp cooling not only preserves patients' physical appearance but also boosts their psychological well-being during a challenging period of their lives. 

Looking ahead, Claire expressed her excitement for Paxman's future endeavours, including its commitment to advancing research and development efforts in both chemotherapy-induced alopecia and peripheral neuropathy.  

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