In the latest edition of Tigerlily's My Life magazine, our Brand Ambassador, Claire Paxman discusses how Paxman Scalp Cooling was born out of personal circumstances, when her late bother was diagnosed with breast cancer and suffered from chemotherapy-induced alopecia as a result of treatment.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 when I was just 14, and I had no idea at the time how her experience of chemotherapy hair loss would go on to shape myself, and my family's lives.

For my mum, Sue, an incredibly strong, funny and dynamic woman and mother of 4, losing her signature curly hair was the first time in her cancer journey that she cried.

Inevitably, this trauma had an enormous impact on my mum and our family. A story that plays itself out through countless numbers of families across the world every day.

I think if she was here now, mum would urge anyone to try scalp cooling, to remain positive and not to give up. She isn’t here in body with us anymore, but I firmly believe that she is with me whenever I talk about scalp cooling and her legacy. I want people to know that they are in safe hands, because they are in the hands of my mum.

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