How to Make Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine a Part of Everyday Oncology Practice
3 June – 13:15 GMT-5
ASCO Location: S404

This session aims to provide actionable information, based on ASCO/SIO guidelines, on how to use integrative medicine to help alleviate symptoms in cancer survivors during and after treatment. It also includes a discussion of mind-body approaches and dietary supplements during and after anticancer treatments.
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No One Left Behind: Enhancing Equity in Oncology
3 June – 16:30 GMT-5
ASCO Location: S100a

Presenters summarize research findings, while discussants place the abstracts in the appropriate context with a focus on how the findings apply to clinical practice. Abstracts in these sessions may span disease sites or disciplines, but they are unified by their focus on a key scientific topic.
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Meet the Professors: Nuts and Bolts – Building a Needs Assessment Toolkit for Survivorship
4 June – 09:45 GMT-5
ASCO Location: E253d

This session reviews common survivorship issues, reviews tools to identify these, and examines workflows that have enabled successful needs assessment in practice. The role of navigators and a description of available online resources are also highlighted.
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The Future of Equitable Access to Clinical Trials
4 June – 09:45 GMT-5
ASCO Location: S100bc

This session defines the problem of inequity in cancer care and provides an overview of the ongoing efforts and achievements to increase the accrual of underserved and under-represented minorities in oncology clinical trials.
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Shared Decision-Making in the Care of Patients with Cancer
4 June – 09:45
ASCO Location: S102

This session demonstrates various strategies to optimize shared decision-making, including decision aids that are sensitive to patient and health system factors and evaluates their effectiveness and user experience.
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Patient-Reported Outcomes, Digital Health, and the Quest to Improve Health Equity
4 June – 11:30 GMT-5
ASCO Location: E350

The session highlights the challenges of expanded digital health in oncology, the value of direct patient engagement using PROs, examples of PRO implementation, and the evidence of improving cancer care delivery equity with the help of PROs.
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Symptoms and Survivorship
5 June – 13:15 GMT+5
ASCO Location: Hall A

Presenters outline their research via posters displayed throughout their assigned Session(s). Authors are available to answer questions from attendees regarding the data presented. Electronic posters and supplemental materials are available online beginning on the day of their assigned Poster Session(s).
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Efficacy of Paxman Scalp Cooling system at lower temperatures for prevention of anthracycline-associated chemotherapy-induced alopecia.
Presenter: Shari Beth Goldfarb, MD

Improving Quality of Life on Chemotherapy for Patients with Breast Cancer: Realistic of Wishful Thinking?
5 June – 16:45 GMT-5
ASCO Location: E450

This session includes a review of innovations in symptom management for those receiving chemotherapy, including the latest evidence in preventing alopecia, mitigating neuropathy, and in utilizing cannabinoids and integrative approaches to symptom management.
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Mitigating Neuropathy: Cooling Down and Other Options
Chair: Melissa Kate Accordino, MD, MS | Columbia University Irving Medical Center
17:45 (CST)

Preventing Hair Loss: Scalp Cooling for All?
Speaker: Elahe Salehi, NP | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
18:15 (CST)