From June 10-15, the American Medical Association (AMA) held their 2022 Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates (HOD). The AMA HOD is the principal policy-making body of AMA and this year the Summer meeting was held in person, in Chicago. As part of their discussion around current issues, to establish association policies, the AMA HOD approved two scalp cooling-related resolutions introduced by New York seeking broad insurance coverage for scalp cooling.

The AMA considered the case put forth summarizing the efficacy and benefit of scalp cooling to the patient, but highlighting the lack of coverage for the service, despite many insurers covering the cost of wigs.

The AMA recognized the out-of-pocket cost burden on the patient for scalp cooling, and “as advocates health equity” the AMA resolved to “advocate for and seek through legislation and/or regulation, universal insurance coverage for Scalp Cooling (Cold Cap) Therapy (Directive to Take Action);”  and “further resolved that our AMA work with consumer and advocacy groups to challenge insurers on medical necessity denials for Scalp Cooling (Cold Cap) Therapy and encourage appeals to independent third-party reviewers. (Directive to Take Action).”

Paxman sees this as an important and encouraging step towards broad coverage of scalp cooling in the US. Richard Paxman, CEO, comments, “We remain committed to the elimination of financial disparities and other barriers to access scalp cooling. As we roll out our new distribution model and patient assistance program we look forward to our efforts aligning with the AMA’s efforts to get all patients who need it, access to Scalp Cooling.”