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UK Oncology teams, Walk the Walk and PAXMAN need you!

UK Oncology teams, Walk the Walk and PAXMAN need you!

Have you and your team signed up for any of The MoonWalk challenges this year?

Paxman are honoured to work with Walk the Walk, who over the last 13 years have funded almost 650 PAXMAN systems to over 210 different NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

We would love you all to be able to join forces to create a super group of nurses who are all walking together – a scalp cooling gang!We think this will give some real emphasis to the crucial funding that Walk the Walk provide, the power of an incredible group of nurses who go above and beyond, plus, help you to raise vital funds for Walk the Walk.

If you haven’t already, you can register for The MoonWalk events here:

If walking doesn’t appeal to you and your team, but you do wish to be involved, Walk the Walk would be extremely grateful to anyone who would like to volunteer to help out at either of the events, at London or Edinburgh.

Links here:

and here:

You all make such a difference; there’s power in numbers, let us all be able to shout about it together!

PLEASE CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED and use Scalp Cooling Super Group as your enquiry

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