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Paxman Pioneer: Catherine Murray

Paxman Pioneer: Catherine Murray

Aged 57 and living a happy and carefree life, Catherine Murray was excited about the prospect of the birth of her first grandchild. However, when she felt an unusual lump on her left breast one evening after work she feared the worst. A few days later her fears were confirmed - Catherine was hit with the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My whole world fell apart not knowing how advanced the cancer had progressed or spread, my initial thoughts were whether I would I live to see my first grandchild being born.”

Catherine was dealt another cruel blow when her father -who had terminal cancer – only passed away 10 days after her own diagnosis.

Catherine’s spirits were boosted though when she was reassured that her cancer was treatable and her grandson was born and she was determined to keep battling the disease to see her grandson grow up. She firstly had a lumpectomy which was then followed by the removal of her lymph nodes later that month.

Faced with six sessions of chemotherapy, Catherine was told by her friend, Gillian, about Paxman’s Scalp Cooling and she requested whether it would be available for her. Catherine was informed that she could undergo the treatment although she was told it would have very limited success and it’d be uncomfortable.

“I was informed there would be no guarantee that it would be successful. I was also told it would be very uncomfortable and I could still lose all my hair regardless.”

Undiscouraged, Catherine underwent the Scalp Cooling treatment with the feeling that she may as well try it as she had nothing to lose and she didn’t want everyone to know that she had cancer.

“At this stage I had already decided I was going to give it a try as I was already a victim of cancer and I didn’t want the world to know if I could help it!”

Catherine was slightly hesitant about the prospect of wearing the cold cap as she had heard that it could be particularly cold and uncomfortable. However, to her surprise it was nowhere near as intolerable as she had initially expected and the time passed quickly as she drank coffee and read magazines.

“My husband and I joked about comparing the cold cap to like sitting in a bath of ice cubes to see how long you could bare the agony. Thankfully, it was nothing like that. The cap was slightly uncomfortable for the first 10-15 minutes or so but was bearable after that.”

Catherine lives in a small, remote town on the west coast of Scotland called Campbeltown and when undergoing the Scalp Cooling treatment she faced a daunting three-hour journey to Glasgow where she had to endure a further three hours of treatment. Nevertheless, she persevered after seeing the positive preliminary results and by the end of her chemotherapy she had retained an impressive 95% of her hair with only 5% being lost round her temple/ear area.

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