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Paxman installations in Scandinavia

Paxman installations in Scandinavia

For the third time within the last three months, an updated Paxman Scalp Cooler has been installed in Scandinavia, this time at the Centralsjukhuset hospital in Karlstad, Sweden.

Kenneth Magnusson, Paxman’s longstanding distributing partner, Kemag Medical in Sweden, was grateful for the new machines:

”After many years of satisfaction the staff look forward to be able to start using the new machine.”

This installation follows two other recent installations in the Ullevål University Hospital and Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway as well as the Akershus Univ. Hospital in Lörenskog, Norway.

Magnusson also noted that there has been an increase in men using the scalp cooling system and hopes there will be more Paxman Scalp Cooling Systems installed in Scandinavia in the near future.

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