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Paxman Scalp Cooling System Showcased on Austrian News

Paxman Scalp Cooling System Showcased on Austrian News

As part of the Austrian trials in several hospitals across the country, the Paxman Scalp Cooling System was showcased by expert doctors in Vienna on prime time TV. 85% of patients have seen successful results including Ms. Jurjans who was shown in the report.

We look forward to continuing close work with our Austrian partners into 2016 and publishing more updates on the trials as we move forward.

Watch the videos here and here Translation of script below.

RH - Hair loss is a feared side effect of chemotherapy. Above all, it makes the illness visible and for many people this makes it more difficult. However the doctors in the LKW in Vienna have a simply brilliant idea – a cold cap can help combat hair loss.

EW - Sabine Jurjans has cancer. Despite having chemotherapy she will keep her hair, made possible by the cold cap. The cap comes in two parts – coolant is pumped around the inner silicone cap and kept at a constant 18 degrees. It works by narrowing the blood capillaries in the scalp and the medications which damage the cells don’t attack the hair follicles. Cooling begins one hour before the chemotherapy and then ends 1 to 3 hours after. First observations are very promising.

MG - I am already happy about this that the first results show that 85% of those who have tried it have ultimately been successful.

EW - Not having to show that you are ill, makes a big difference.

NF – I have experienced not only once that patients who are told that they will lose their hair have decided not to have any chemotherapy.

EW – The cold cap will be offered in several Austrian hospitals as a pilot project. How the treatment will be financed going forward is at this time is still undecided.

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