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Study to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy in Germany

Study to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy in Germany

Since August 2015, Patients at the Breast centre at the Maistraße Women’s clinic have had the opportunity of reducing hair loss caused by chemotherapy by the use of cooling caps. Their use is carried out within the framework of the 'Evascalp' study to analyse user satisfaction and is free of charge.

As the scalp is cooled, less of the chemotherapy drugs penetrate the hair follicles and thus they are protected. This is the only known treatment by which hair loss is either reduced or prevented. In general, users tolerate the treatment very well. A few patients report headaches at the start of use, but these usually go quickly. Because the cold caps are free to use, patients must complete a short questionnaire at each treatment cycle. In case the use of the treatment cannot be tolerated, taking part can be stopped at any time.

The support is given by nurses and doctors at the oncology day clinic -

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Nadia Harbeck, Leitung des Brustzentrums der LMU
  • Dr. med. Rachel Würstlein, Oberärztin, Brustzentrum
  • Dr. med. Franz-Ferdinand Bitto, Assistenzarzt der Klinik

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